We Can Still Show Film


Presented by the Mad Cornish Projectionist


Below are companies and organisations still involved with film in some way.

  • 16mm Directory 16mm Directory is a technical resource directory for supplies and services related to 16mm exhibition. The directory functions as an information hub, aggregating info from across the web to act as a catalyst for 16mm filmmaking and exhibition.
  • AMIA Film Advocacy Task Force The AMIA Film Advocacy Task Force, recognizing the historical importance and stability of film as a medium, will explore ways to promote, encourage and facilitate the use of motion picture film and fortify the relationship between archives and repositorie
  • Cinemeccanica Spares – Nigel Shore has quite a few spares for Cinemeccanicas – contact him on: nigelshore@btopenworld.com
  • Film on Film Foundation (FOFF) The Film on Film Foundation (FOFF) promotes film as a living art form by screening works from its history and stimulating its continued use in production and exhibition.
  • Frame 24 Frame24 offers the latest batches of Fuji’s motion picture negative stocks, to filmmakers worldwide.
  • i-Dailies provides a number of film specific services.
  • Jack Roe Jack Roe continue to supply film related products, including projectors.
  • List of Analog Film Exhibitors A mainly US based website, which produces a list of exhibitors who intentionally show films on film to the public — cinemas, festivals, museums, and itinerant groups.
  • Save Film joining Oscar winning cinematographer, Guillermo Navarro’s request that UNESCO protect the medium of film and name it a World Heritage so that future generations will be able to experience the magnificence of film in the way we have done, and in so doing.
  • Sprocket School A informational resource all who want to safely continue projecting analog motion picture film of every gauge long into the future.
  • Wittner Kinotechnik A German website which is still selling film stock and other film material